Director of Enterprise Systems

Department: 8022 - Information Systems
Location: 6800 Park Ten Blvd
San Antonio, TX, 78213
Salary Range: $103,415.00 - $155,123.00 Per Year
Work Schedule: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


The Director of Enterprise Systems has the responsibility of leading and coordinating
implementation projects and optimization efforts for CHCS and its Practice Management (PM),
Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. The
main goal is to ensure long-term and daily use of technology meets the needs of users


Education and Experience

  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems
  •  Five (5) to seven (7) years maintaining and supporting Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems.  
  •  Five (5) years’ experience maintaining and supporting other Electronic Management systems, i.e., HRIS, Practice Management (PM)
  •  Experience with project life cycle methodology 
  •  Strong leadership skills

Licenses or Certifications

  •  None

Other Requirements

  •  Must maintain a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance coverage, be able to travel as needed, and be able to meet on a consistent basis the driving record requirements of the Company’s auto insurance carrier if you drive your vehicle during company business
  •  Must maintain required credentials and mandatory training requirements to ensure compliance with all State regulations and CHCS policies


  •  Master’s Degree in Information Systems or Business Administration
  •  PMP Certification
  •  Seven (7) years or more leading and supporting EHR systems


  •  Work requires managing and monitoring work performance of a business unit or key work area including evaluating program/work objectives and effectiveness, establishing broad organizational goals, and realigning work and staffing assignments for the department.


Leadership Principles

  1. Strong Multifaceted Intellect – Possesses a rich and robust mind, effectively addresses complex business issues and problems, can work on issues collaboratively and has an ability to deal with multiple variables simultaneously.
  2. Deeply Committed Change Agent – Possess a strong identification with change agency and demonstrates effective change within a business context, comfortable questioning existing business practices and organizational norms, exhibits an unease with what is current and routinely accepted.
  3. Organizational Leadership – Exhibits practiced and seasoned business and organizational leadership skills, demonstrates and lives the leadership values and behavioral principles, demonstrates interpersonal/emotional intelligence, possesses a proven track record of leading and managing groups, possesses “leadership” presence, thinks and leads with a “ONE CENTER” mindset, works collaboratively and cross functionally with peers and their subordinate groups.
  4. Deep Business Acumen – A strong understanding of mental health and substance treatment and care. Understands and appreciates the value and function of strong business practices, demonstrates a strong and unusual capability to quickly learn and master what is unfamiliar and new concerning behavioral health care, values change and innovation and the importance of our success.
  5. Values and Understands – The importance of external groups and stakeholders to the behavioral health business and our position to individuals not familiar with behavioral health.
  6. Well-Rounded Communicator – Possesses effective and well developed communication skills, demonstrates a seasoned and artful comfort with the spoken word and can effectively communicate with all levels of the organization and with people of different backgrounds and interests, practices effective/active listening, “hears” the questions being asked, both expressed and unexpressed.
  7. Emotionally Tough and Resilient – Possesses healthy and effective levels of emotional toughness, personal resilience and self-confidence as well as appropriate levels of personal flexibility and adaptability, works within a high demand environment without “personalizing” critical comments or criticism, knows where and how he/she can add value.

Knowledge of:

  •  Application of software development life cycle processes
  •  Process improvement & methodologies
  •  Principles and practices of employee supervision
  •  Contracting principles, laws, and regulations
  •  Strategic planning
  •  Networking and recruitment
  •  Regulatory guidelines and requirements
  •  Applicable software applications
  •  Modern office procedures, methods and computer equipment

Skill in:

  •  Critical and analytical thinking
  •  Problem solving
  •  Organization and time management
  •  Performing a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature
  •  Performing basic mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, and ratios

Ability to:

  •  Manage multiple, complex diverse projects and programs
  •  Manage external vendors
  •  Present information in a clear and concise manner
  •  Write and disseminate new policy
  •  Develop, collect, and distribute material
  •  Effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing
  •  Establish and maintain effective working relationships
  •  Maintain accurate and complete records
  •  Meet schedules and deadlines of the work
  •  Understand and carry out oral and written directions
  •  Accurately organize and maintain paper documents and electronic files
  •  Maintain the confidentiality of information and professional boundaries
  •  Must be able to meet the physical requirements to complete SAMA and CPR training including lifting up to 12 lbs. and supporting up to 55 lbs.; bending, stooping and getting on and off the floor without assistance.
  •  Must have adequate mobility that requires frequent walking, standing, bending, stooping, kneeling, reaching (vertical and horizontal), using fingers, hands, feet, legs and torso in various care. The employee must be able to regularly lift and/or move up to 40 pounds and occasionally must lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.  

Compensation Package 

Salary Range: $103,415.00 – $155,123.00 Per Year

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